Computer Science 1

This webpage is for my Computer science 1 class. We
are learning code in C#. I have several assignments
that I would like to show you! Programming is difficult
but I call it hard fun.

GoodBye Program


This project simply was a way to learn how to use buttons and how to change labels. Also I learned how to use text functions. Also I learned how to use picture boxes.

About Page


This project demonstrates how to change a label in different ways. You can change the text's size, color, and font.
Also it reinforced my ability to use labels and buttons.

Mailing Label Program


This program helped me learn how to use user input in text boxes and how to format it into a label.

Car Rental Program


This project demonstrates how to keep a subtotal on purchasing multiple items.
It also keeps track of total sales, total customers and average sale.

BMI Program


The BMI was my first attempt at doing crazy calculations. It takes user input
and calculates there total body mass index. This program also keeps track of the total
weight of all the users and found the average body mass index of them all.

Car Rental UPGRADE


This project demonstrates how to keep a subtotal on purchasing multiple items.
It also keeps track of total sales, total customers and average sale.
The new addition to this program is that it now changes the base amount of money
you pay for which car you used. Also if the milage is under 100, it will not be priced.
There are also additional charges if you want additional things.

Test Score Program


This uses user input to keep and average of two test scores, and display the
letter grade for each of them, then the program finds the average of both.
The program also displays which grade is higher.

Dice Program


This program made picture boxes corrolate with a random number between 1 and 6.
These numbers would be added up, and the sum would be displayed. Then the probability
is calculated for you chance to roll a certain number.

Coffee Shop


We did this project with Mr. Salesky and I learned how to use radio buttons.
We learned how to set different prices and how to use them, which makes making
stores easier, also this gave me more knowledge on how to apply taxes and subtotals.

Craps Game


This used my prior dice program, but with a lot more logic. It simulates
a game of craps and it follows the rules of crap perfectly. This was my first
use of the joint if statement.

T-Shirt Program


This is essentially the same project as the Coffee Shop but with more options.
There are different and more prices than the Coffee Shop, and also more options as well.
Also tax is only applied if you are taking it to go.

Slots Machine


This project simulates a slot machine. The more money you use per roll, the bigger the percentage
of the pot you get. The jackpot increases with the amount you used to spin.

Rock Paper Scissors


This stimulates a game of rock paper scissors.

Fish Program


This simulates the life of a simple fish, and it keeps track of how many times it hits the wall.
you can also change the speed to increase it or decrease it.