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This is simply the first stop on exploring my website. Click on any of the links to the left to take you to one of my projects! I will be updating this throughout 2020-2021, with the projects I do during Gita 2. My main goal this semester is not just to expand my knowledge of GITA, but also create more aesthetically pleasing websites. One of my short term goals for the end of the year is to improve how well my website looks and make it easier to see and look through.

This year in GITA we have been learning how to create HTML programs with applicable javascript. My first 3 projects were to remind myself of the basic principles of html. With my fourth project, I created a business card which required background coloring, the creation of a border, and full optimization of the size available to me. The Collage project was my first attempt at using the position of other photos as a way to position others. I've learned many more things within my GITA projects, like precise calculations, the creation of new windows, random variables, creating and automating the movement of objects, and collision with movable objects such as a ping pong.

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